With today’s world of disconnection, constant solicitation, people suffer more and more from chronic stress, leading sometimes to a burn out.

Our mission is to bring people back in touch with their optimal mind-body health and vitality.

We believe that people are the catalyst for change in organizations, in their families and in the world.

Burn out causes major losses for employers.

It costs companies a lot in loss of productivity, employees calling off and increased health care costs. The psychological and physical problems of burned-out employees cost an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion a year in healthcare in the U.S.A. As many as one million people per day miss work because of stress.

The effects of burn out have a huge impact not only on individuals but also on businesses and the economy.

Chronic stress sabotages your personal life.

The negative effects of burn out on your personality and character: anger, irritability, depression, pessimism.

This is not exactly the type of person most of us would want to come home to at night…

Why this retreat is different to what currently exists?

The apparent closest programs are named “intensive care”, “rejuvenation”, “relax and renew” or “balance and revitalize”:

Participants follow passively the “classical classes” in each of the fields with no “integrative programs” where guests go back home with a healthy integrated regenerative daily routine.

They are mainly based in South East Asia or the USA.

Life Forces provides an original, practical and systemic way of learning tools in our programs in the following fields of Moving, Breathing, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Life rhythm.

We have fully trained experienced health care professional with 20 years of  transdisciplinary approach to draw out and synthesize the best of simple, natural, accessible and practical regenerative tools to restore vibrant health and vitality.