Life Forces was born through our inner journey and out of 20 years perfecting the Art of Healing and exploring many healing practices and self-improvement tools all over the world.

Who can benefit from our programs?

-Anyone who wants to restore and regenerate his/her Health and Vitality, no matter his/her age, life story and culture. Health and Vitality concern every one of us.

-Highly productive people who at times work under stressful conditions and who are looking for healthy alternatives to maintain their focus.

-People having a life crisis or being at a life crossroad in order to regain a sense of balance, evaluate their priorities and develop spiritual awareness.

-Those who seem to have lost touch and would like to regain contact with their true self or inner being.

-Chronic stressed people or executives on the edge of a burn out in search of a life paradigm shift, to a healthy, more balanced and fulfilled state.

-Success stories


David Truong Tan

Life coach – Osteopath DO – Physiotherapist BSc

David is the founder of LIFE FORCES and was born and educated in France. He is passionately perfecting the Art of healing and exploring life optimization and self-improvement tools for the past 20 years. Fully trained in Physiotherapy (BSc) and Osteopathy (DO) in Paris, he is a health care professional having received a 9 years training in 2 universities, several hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practices.

-He has practiced in France and in the West Indies for 5 years before working in Ho Chi Minh City from 2005 to 2009 at the International Medical Center and International SOS clinic from 2010 to 2012 as a full-time Osteopath-Physiotherapist. From 2012 to 2015 he run an Osteopathic private practice in Provence (France), where he also devoted time to treat elderly in a retirement home and autistic, cerebral palsy patients in a poly handicapped center.

-David has also been studying the energetical part of treatment through Reiki and with different healers met during his travels as well as the relationship body/mind (psychosomatic) in pathologies studying biological-decoding and psycho-genealogy.

-David is fluent in French, English and conversant in Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Creole. He backpacked around the world for 18 months at the end of his studies to enhance his education and continue to enjoy wandering the world whenever on vacations. His traveling experience has taken him over 70 countries so far where he learned to quickly adapt and adjust to different cultures, people backgrounds, and unexpected situations. As a health care professional, David has done over 32 000 consultations with patients from 80 different nationalities.

-He has a great interest in self-improvement, meditation, education, traveling, sports and music. David has been meditating with Vipassana for 10 years and has done a dozen of retreats of 10 days meditation in noble silence. Always in search of a better understanding of himself, considering that the secret of a good therapist is to always continue a work on himself, with humility and patience, David is also experimenting a durable analytic psychotherapy for the past 10 years.

-David is also a certified counselor for children, he is passionate about gliding sports and martial arts. He is a qualified level 2 IKO Kitesurfing instructor, Karate Shotokan black belt, and Systema (Russian martial art) instructor.

-His sports background gives him the first-hand insight into sports injuries, training, and coaching.

-He loves to explore the power of music, dancing and singing through body and voice workshops and used to sing and play the guitar in a band.

-David has a great interest in health anthropology and the benefits of ancient treatments and natural practices such as fasting, tummo, cold water therapy, sun gazing, archetypal postures, apnea, bushcraft, locomotion and animal movements… He has met and trained with many world experts in these fields. He practices 7/8 days fasting every year for the past 5 years and an intermittent fasting daily.

-David doesn’t reduce his therapeutic practice to a dogma and always tries to draw the best out of rejuvenating, wellness and optimal living researches and methods from all around the world, throughout human’s history and cultures.

He loves to learn, listen, explore, experiment and share his passions. Living in tune with the laws and principles of Nature is for him the key to a harmonious life. For David sharing his knowledge and experiences provides meaning to his life and value to his actions. He is a life-long student of living well.


Osteopath DO – Physiotherapist BSc

Kevin is an Osteopath DO and a Physiotherapist Bsc since 1996. Expert in sports’ osteopathy, he deals with top athletes in many disciplines: ski, trail running, athletics, martial arts, ballet dancing… Kevin is a certified Action Types practitioner and specializes in profiling behavioral and physical preferences, on which people can rely to know themselves better and optimize their lives. In his daily practice, he helps his patients to connect movement, body and mind in the healing process.

Since 2010, he’s been teaching osteopathy at one of the best osteopathic French university (CEESO) and anatomy, physiology and biomechanics for football coaches, physical coaches and lifeguards at Sport Leman (one of the most innovative French sports Institute). He is also a physical trainer for alpine skiers.

As an experienced teacher centered around the person, with his specialty in physical and behavioral profiling, he tailors his teaching for each person.

Relying on individual talents and natural skills, he became a master in the art of facilitating the integration and helping people to anchor new learnings.

For more than 20 years, the need to understand human potential naturally lead Kevin to embrace a path of deep introspection, inspired by psychoanalytical approaches (essentially through the work of Carl Jung) and by body work therapies (mainly GDS Method and fascia therapy). Kevin practices mindful breathing and meditation daily.

Happy father of two beautiful daughters, he chose to raise them in the gorgeous French Alps, close to nature, for a healthy and conscious living.


Body – Mind Coach BPh

Elie has been teaching since 2011, specializing in a global approach to health and vitality, which encompasses movement, healing and martial arts in one unique formula. His message is all about the power of adaptation and creating resiliency in every individual. For more than 20 years, Elie has been exposed to lots of different practices of the body mind arts. He received an extensive training in Aikido and owns a black belt. He practiced many forms of the martial traditions and is a Systema (Russian martial art) instructor.

Trained as an Hypnotherapist by one of the best Hypnosis school in France (ARCHE), Elie provides a high-quality personal coaching. He helps clients accomplish their goals and get rid of any blockages that prevent them from living their lives to the fullest. He has also studied massage and holistic manual therapy, training in Thai, Japanese and Western massage methods. Elie used to work in the great Palaces of Paris as a massage therapist.

Elie also trained extensively in Qi Gong and Yoga to deepen his understanding and knowledge of the field and became a certified yoga trainer.

He is a sport’s educator who emphasizes variety in his approach. His extensive movement research covers every aspect of human physical expression. Elie is a certified first responder and therefore has learned to handle stress and its after effects.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at La Sorbonne University in Paris, he discovered the bridges between practice and life. He has studied and has been touched by both eastern and western philosophical traditions and holds philosophy as a strong foundation from which personal growth and practice shall expand.

Working for Life Forces

For both Kevin and Elie, joining Life Forces was an evident choice. In the world of health, vitality and stress-free practices, Life Forces provides high quality training and a bigger picture nowhere else seen in the industry. For them, working with Life Forces is thus a way to put their expertise, a unique blend of the most modern tools and ancestral wisdom, at the service of people who deeply yearn to reclaim their vitality and improve their lives in the “here and now”.