In places that have created an atmosphere that reconnects and reintroduce people to themselves, to others, and the world around them.

Places, resorts and boutique hotels that share our values, vision, and  approach to service that begins with empathy and a desire to help our clients and build meaningful relationships with them.

Benefits for the host resort:

-To offer specialized stress management and optimal living programs at the host resort locations for approximately 10 to 20 guests per program.

-Create stronger brand loyalty by linking the stay at the host resort to life changing wellness experiences.

-Enhance and complement the host resort current spa by developing integrated wellness and stress management programs.

-Leveraging off of the host resort and Spa network, to source clients for high end wellness programs at the host resort properties.

-Increasing the length of stay at the host resort

What does Life Forces bring:

-A 20 years expertise and trans disciplinary skills to draw out the best of life changing and regenerating tools to reunify, reconnect a person to him/herself and enjoy optimal body-mind health.

-The full responsibility of an innovative, integrative and tailored program held at the host resort.

What does Life Forces need from the host resort:

-To develop a partnership and use the host resort sales distribution network to reach targeted people that will attend the program.

-Block a certain number of rooms at the host resort location and provide the facilities for the programs to take place.