Success Stories

Andrew story:

Andrew is a 50 years old successful CEO who has spent the last 30 years focusing on his career. He is overweight, has high cholesterol, heavy smoker, and is inactive.

He eats out unhealthily and regularly due to work. His life was consuming him, he was working late and sleeping late.

He barely spends any time with his wife and children, which eventually led to his wife leaving him, and his children feeling indifferent about his absent presence. He became completely devastated and burnt out. Left with a job and responsibilities that no longer was fulfilling.

He was lost and depressed, had no more energy, no motivation, even with thoughts of suicide.

Life became tasteless, purposeless. He decided that he did not want to take antidepressants for the rest of his life. This is when he reached out to me to try a program session.

Through our program, I gave him a natural alternative and helped him reconnect with his true self. With this helping to gain a better sense of self and change his life perspective to a healthy and more balanced state. Allowing Andrew to evaluate and adjust his priorities and develop spiritual awareness.

He is still successfully running his company, but completely changed the way he was eating, became aware of the importance of his sleep, and the need to do sports and being outdoors. He integrated the need and beauty of investing on himself.

Janice story:

Janice is 38 years old, housewife of 4 children. She intentionally took a break from her career as a lawyer to take care of her family.

She is married to Tom who is a very busy senior financial trader. Janice feels that she has not had a life outside of her family for the past 3 years, nor does she have time for herself. She is constantly overwhelmed with the kids, the house, school, the maid, her parents, and feels constantly under pressure all the time. This was putting stress on her marriage, which was causing disharmony in the family. She began to constantly feel guilty, thinking she was a bad mother. She started to develop gastritis and eczema which were affecting her self-image and self-esteem.

This is when she reached out to me. Through our program she integrated how to priorities her schedule and schedule her priorities. Also to learn how to reconnect with her inner being, how to cleanse and regenerate herself twice a day so that she is in turn filled with energy not only for herself, but also for her husband and children.

Through natural, though simple but not simplistic life tools and principles she learned to regain presence and awareness in her life. Janice learned that through recognizing her own needs, treating herself, as a result addressing not only her emotional issues but also her physical symptoms. Learning to take care of herself enabled her to be able to take care of others, but also to be there emotionally as well as spiritually for her family.

Kim story:

Kim is a 25 years old professional football player. He is training 4 hours per day every day and has constant pressure from his coach and sponsors. After 2 consecutive injuries in the past 2 years, he could not bear the pressure anymore. He constantly felt strain that was pain being

referred to his lower back and right knee, causing him to question his career.

He started to hate these monthly training camps with his team where they eat high processed and gluten food. He always felt bloated, agitated and irritable. He began to easily lose his temper. Kim first reached out to me to treat his lower chronic back pain.

Learning about the «natural body and mind regeneration program», Kim was exited to follow the program protocol. He learned natural ways to restore balance in his musculo skeletal system through archetypal postures. Also through efficient, fundamental and basics breathing techniques that he has never learnt before. He learned to recognize when he was in periodic apneic states, and to breathe through the stress.  Therefore avoiding the detrimental consequences that may result after long term repetitive short apnea.

He learned how to incorporate his integrative learnings into his training to avoid further post workout injuries. Also to nurture himself with nature and to live a more natural and healthy life style. As a result, this program allowed him to open his mind to the power of the present moment, to be mindful. It allows him to redevelop spiritual awareness that he experienced earlier in his life and that he eventually lost due to the harmful life rhythm and patterns that were instilled in him by his friends.

Kim is currently still enjoying and playing football professionally with a new mindset and perspective on life