By learning how to nurture and juggle the 5 “Life Pillars" to self-regulate your stress and to regenerate a strong health and vitality.

Our  “health and vitality regeneration programs”, are providing a long term regenerative solution to what currently exists. It provides participants with the tools for a life changing experience and an efficient daily routine to continuously regenerate their body and mind and keep the benefits once back at home.

We have 20 years expertise and trans-disciplinary skills to draw out the best of life changing and regenerating tools to reunify, reconnect a person to him/herself and enjoy optimal body-mind health and vitality.

Our programs explore the mind/body connection, and ways to apply it toward enhancing human potential and well-being.

Our Philosophy

-Helping people to live in tune with the laws and principles of Nature for a harmonious life.

-Using Nature and the best of rejuvenating, wellness and optimal living research and natural methods from around the world, throughout human history and culture, to help people regenerate.

-Introducing innovative and systemic solutions, taken from ancestral knowledge, combined with contemporary techniques and integrative pedagogy, which has shown to be highly effective.

-Our participants are active in learning and experimenting with a system to be self sufficient in regulating their stress levels and living a harmonious life.

-Benefiting from the energy and the strength of our team, Nature and the group to help each participant throughout the program.

-Programs are built around restoring natural life rhythm and intermittent fasting to optimize regeneration and as a disruption of normality to anchor sustainable new habits learned in the program. Intermittent Fasting is one of the most effective ways to normalize your insulin/leptin sensitivity. It’s not a diet in conventional terms, but rather a way of scheduling your eating in such a way as to promote efficient energy use.

-Teaching simple (but not simplistic) natural life tools, accessible and efficient, leading to a real and sustainable life transformation.

-We believe that people are the catalysts for change in organizations, in their families and in the world.

Health and Vitality regeneration program includes

-3 to 7 days program as described.

-An e book presenting the full explanations of all the life tools.

-Videos tutorials.

-A simplified follow-up program to anchor the benefits when returning home.

-Access to Life Forces supports customers service if any questions after the seminar.

-Lodging in individual rooms with bathrooms en-suite.

-Meals and juices.

-Daily Massage.

-Program trainers.

Does not include air transfer to the venue.